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Sometimes you just wake up and decide to create. That is exactly what I did. I began researching and learning some of the best ways to make candles with vegan products that are not tested on animals or made of toxic chemicals. Paraffin wax and some fragrance oils contain carcinogens that are said to be linked to lung cancer and asthma as they are being burned. These toxins can be inhaled and/or absorbed through the skin. As a mother of a young boy and a daughter of AMAZING parents whom I want to see live a long healthy life, these factors were very important to me. It was important that I avoid these toxins to assist in keeping living and working environments while still providing a relaxing, amazing smelling atmosphere. I mean, what's the point of lighting those relaxing aromatherapy candles and having to worry about breathing in and absorbing toxins through the skin?  All fragrances are infused with essential oils, a wood wick is used which creates a stronger scent throw and a relaxing crackling sensation, soy wax, made with L.O.V.E. and topped with pixie dust. I offer personalized candles where I will add a photo or quote of your choice to your candles to create the perfect gift to your loved ones. Soaps, lotions, and air fresheners to match your unique candle fragrances are soon to come!

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